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Green and Digital Steel Technologies webinar

27.5.2021 12:00


The webinar will address the latest trends in the field of green and digital steel technologies, such as reuse and circular economy in steel structures, high strength steel, additive manufacturing and sustainable coatings. The event is organized by Häme University of Applied Sciences together with other universities and companies.


12:00-12:05 Opening of the webinar: Jarmo Havula, HAMK Tech

12:05-12:20 Opening presentation: “​Fossil free steel value chain”​, Jarmo Lilja, SSAB Europe Oy​

12:20-13:30 Theme: Reuse and circular economy in steel structures, chair Zhongcheng Ma

“Reusable Buildings: a case study”​
Prof. Luis Simoes da Silva, University of Coimbra​

“Case studies on the reuse of reclaimed steel. Lessons learned from the past.”​
Prof. Viorel Ungureanu, Politehnica University of Timisoara​

“Analysis of Eurocode 3 Specifications on cold-formed profiles”​
Prof. Luis Prola, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria ​

Questions and Answers

13:30-14:00 Coffee break

14:00-15:10 Theme: High strength steel, chair Jarmo Havula

“Advanced steel in green planet”​
Prof. Jukka Kömi/ Team, University of Oulu​

“Recent research activities at Tampere University”​
Asst. Prof. Kristo Mela, Tampere University​

“High strength steel welding”​
Jarmo Havula, HAMK Tech​

Questions and Answers

15:10-16:20 Theme: Additive manufacturing, chair Timo Kärppä

“The importance of Additive-Manufacturing for Environmental Sustainable Industry”​
Prof. Norberto da Silva, University of Coimbra​

“Greenness of and cyber-physically controlled systems for metallic additive manufacturing”
Prof. Nader Asnafi, Örebro University​

“Process monitoring and quality control of laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) and weldability of AM parts”​
Eetu Kivirasi, HAMK Tech​

Questions and Answers

16:20-17:30 Theme: Sustainable coatings, chair Päivi Laaksonen

“Protective and decorative biobased coatings for packaging industries”​
Dr. Milja Hannu-Kuure, Brightplus Oy

“Corrosion and soiling of painted steel. State of the art on dose-response, environmental effects, tolerances and costs.”​
Dr. Terje Grøntoft, NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research​

“Dirt Pick-Up of Bio-Based Coil Coatings”​
Dr. Päivi Laaksonen, HAMK Tech​

Questions and Answers

17:30 Virtual coffee and free discussion

18:00 End of the seminar

The event is free of charge and organized online. The link will be sent to your email after registration. Please register to the whole event even if you can participate only to some of the sessions. Welcome!

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27.5.2021 12:00


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